5 things you wouldn’t expect our cow to love

5 Things You Wouldn’t Expect Our Cow To Love

(An Ode to Our Most Beloved Hoover)

1.  Full Circus Farm Garlic.  Raw, whole cloves.  June snarfs them right up!!  Great for when we are trying to give her immune system a boost.IMG_5951

2.  Seaweed.  It has lots of micronutrients!

3. Orange Peels.  We eat the inside, and save June the outside.

4. Sauerkraut Juice.  Probiotics for cows!  All the right bacteria for breaking down plant matter, in one salty slurp!

5. Thistles.  Normally cows aren’t so interested in this weed and it is thorny to boot.  But June doesn’t seem to mind munching on it and we’re happy to have at least some of them mowed down.  As beautiful as they are, they are no fun to pull out of your vegetable fields.IMG_5289


And that is why we’ve nicknamed her, affectionately, our hoover.IMG_5887



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