Lions & Bobcats & Bears, Oh My!

The other morning, as Mark and I were finishing milking and stepping outside of the milking shed, Mark stopped and pointed. For the next fifteen minutes or so, we watched a bobcat hunt (and catch) mice and voles in our fields. I was too busy watching to bother much with the camera, but I did snap a few terrible photos, including this one: IMG_5525I went to dinner a few days later at our neighbor’s, and we watched a black bear amble up, take down her bird feeder and head off up the hill.  I guess it wanted those seeds!  And while I haven’t personally seen the mountain lion that lives in the area, we’ve heard about sightings from friends.

As for tigers, we haven’t seen one of those yet! But Mark started talking about a Tiger Swing the other day. Perhaps one of those old tires up the hill will get a paint job…


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