Welcome Sandy and Sunshine!

There is still snow on the ground, but here at the Circus, we’ve declared it IMG_5517Spring!  And with spring we want to welcome our team of draft horses, Sandy and Sunshine.  They are haflingers, a breed from Austria and northern Italy.  They are right on the horse-pony line, so not the huge horses you first think of when someone says “draft horse.”  Sandy and Sunshine and 8 and 9 years old, and have probably been doing farm work for longer than we have!  We hope and expect they will teach us as much–if not more–than we teach them.

They are both very sweet and while they are still adjusting to their new home, they are getting more comfortable by the day.  The other day I saw them lying down for a brief doze in the sun–a good sign that they are feeling relaxed!

In a lot of ways, the one having to do the most adjusting is June, our lovable dairy cow.  She, as well as Mini and Peaches, had never seen a horse before.  They were VERY curious.  But also kind of scared of these big, fast, strange, new four legged critters:

Horses and Cow Standoff

But Mini Little Cow was a very brave little cow!  And Sunshine was very patient as Mini sniffed out the newcomers.

IMG_5513June is still feeling a little insecure (which is so out of character for our opinionated self-confident cow) and keeps coming to me and Mark for assurance and extra love.  She doesn’t like sharing us with Sandy and Sunshine!  But she, too, is getting more relaxed about having the horses around.

Harness is on the way, and we look forward to driving Sandy and Sunshine in the weeks ahead so we all get to know each other better before we need to start doing “real” work–plowing our vegetable field this spring.


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