Painted Serpents and Dragon Langerie

I just put in an order for some Painted Serpents and Dragon Langerie.  Also for an Improved Rainbow (maybe that will appear after the blizzard?).

It is seed ordering time!  Mark and I boldly ordered Boldog, Boldor and Bolero (sweet pepper, beet and carrot varieties), and dreamily decided on Sunrise Bumblebee and White Honey (cherry tomato and honeydew).  We plan to make it big with Silver Slicer, Sun Gold, Ruby Streaks, Jade, Diamond and Jewel Mix (cucumber, cherry tomato, asian green, green bean, eggplant and edible flowers).

We have over 150 different varieties on the way!  So many exciting things to grow that we may ask the Green Zebras (tomatoes) to give our draft horses an occasional break.

Perhaps we can employ Cosmonaut Volkov and Skywalker to give rides to Mars in our Zeppelin (tomato, cauliflower, celeriac and winter squash, respectively).  If you want to take a ride in such a dirigible, if you’d like to meet Magic Molly and the King of the North, just sign up for our CSA!  It will be Magnifienza!


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