Welcome from Mark

Hi everybody! Welcome to Full Circus Farm! Miriam is the one who has created this lovely website. I’m Mark, the other half of the farming operation. For those of you who didn’t make it out to our garlic planting event or haven’t seen the farm, come on out! We’re always happy to give a tour, or sit down to a meal together.

We got to Pine Plains a little over two months ago, but it feels like we’ve been here much longer! Things have moved pretty fast since we hit the ground. We’re keeping pace on a lot of projects—our soil is finally prepped and ready for whatever winter brings us. We seeded rye and vetch as our covercrop—the rye will hold the soil in place when the winter winds blow, add organic matter, and help reduce weed pressure. The vetch is a legume, which means it will fix nitrogen in the soil and add fertility to our fields. Planting a covercrop isn’t strictly necessary, but it’s a practice that most sustainable farms employ to prevent the soil from becoming depleted, even after years of crops that take a lot of nutrients and nitrogen out of the soil.

The search for our team of draft horses continues. If you know anyone with a team of drafts for sale, we are quite ready to rest our tractor and get the lines back in our hands. We’ve learned a lot from each team we’ve looked at, but we haven’t found the right match yet.

This fall we’ll continue our building frenzy, erecting 2 greenhouses, and getting at least a start on our walk-in cooler (a small refrigerated room powered by an air-conditioner that will keep our vegetables cold and fresh on hot summer days). We are learning a lot of the trades a jack has to know on the fly this year. Our 3 years of farming experience in Maine and on Long Island was great preparation, but we’ve always learned the most by jumping right in.   Well, we’re definitely in!

Miriam and I are so excited to be here! Looking forward to meeting all the great people who live in the area. Feel free to send us an email (fullcircusfarm@gmail.com) with any questions you might have about the farm, our CSA, or anything else.




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